Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Retire Early

We discuss retirement as both a life event and personal goal, offering different perspectives under the category About Retirement. Retirement has everything to do with money, so Personal Finance has a prominent presence. This is not a hardcore investment blog, instead, it is a discussion about adjusting your lifestyle and thinking, in order to build wealth.  Minimalism is gaining popularity as a lifestyle and philosophy. We will shed light on this fascinating topic and explore how it can contribute to your financial freedom.

Mental minimalism

Multi-Tasking? The Answer Is Mental Minimalism

How do you keep your mind on one thing? By getting it off everything. For the multi-tasker, the answer is mental minimalism. It clears the mind and helps you...
Time is money trap

How To Avoid The Time Is Money Trap

The ‘time is money’ myth is a baby boomer thing. Although coined centuries ago, it became fashionable after WWII, to the point of becoming an all-consuming demon, the subject...
The 3Rs - Writing

The 3 Rs Recipe For Early Retirement

Time to recall some old wisdom to discover a recipe for early retirement. The 3 Rs is not new but it remains profound. It is applicable on retirement and...
Minimalism vs Simplicity

Minimalism And Simplicity – Why The Difference?

As more people shun materialism and conspicuous consumption, they are looking for an anchor philosophy. They want to brand their new lifestyle and they need it to be cool....
Making a Money plan

Create A Money Mindset For Financial Independence

We are not born with a pre-determined mindset. Just like, we are not born a dentist or a fireman. A mindset is developed, and within that, we can create...
Planning retirement is fun

Get Your Partner On-Board Retirement Planning

All your dreaming and designing will be futile unless you get your partner on-board retirement planning. This article explores the five greatest risks of going it alone and discuss...
Understanding Minimalism

Understanding The Minimalist Lifestyle

The first step in becoming minimalist is to understand the minimalist lifestyle. Although the concept is decades old, it remains misunderstood by many. We explain the lifestyle and use...
How does a retirement nest egg work

How Does A Retirement Nest Egg Work? The 5 Basic Elements

One of life’s questions that should be asked more often is “How does a retirement nest egg work?” Too many people assume it is a complicated topic, while it...
Retirement advice for adult children

A Dad’s Retirement Advice To His Daughters

While looking through my personal documents, I found a letter that I sent to my daughters. It is a Dad’s retirement advice. Candid, but written with love. I wrote...
Thinking about retirement

How You Think About Retirement Will Influence Your Life Choices

All of us dream about early retirement. However, before we can spend time planning an early retirement, we should get our thinking clear about the broader subject, which is...
Retire in Spanish America