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Booking.com is great for finding any type of accommodation, from a chic city apartment to luxury resorts or a small and homely B&B in the countryside. With lots of additional information about each property such as location, popular attractions, public transport and visitor reviews. Their user-friendly app lists all your bookings and you can make on-the-go changes if needed.



If you want to stay for extended periods or seek the comfort and amenities of a vacation home, then HomeAway is the answer. These are homes offered by their owners and you have the entire place to yourself. A user friendly website with a good map function, detail of amenities and visitor reviews. Bookings and payments are securely done online.

Flight Bookings




Vayama is a great flight search engine for international flights, especially for outside the US. It’s a good starting point for your planning or for booking flights outright. They offer great fares on many routes so you should find a deal to suit you.

One of the best flight search engines available. The functionality allows you to enter your departure airport and see flights all over the world on a map. Not only can you find the cheapest destination, SkyScanner also suggests different dates for lower fares.

Tour Companies



TourRadar is an online market to compare and book tours, worldwide. Clever functionality lets you zoom into your desired destination, then narrow down your search with more user-friendly search options. You can even adjust your search to suit your budget, and they don’t charge booking fees.

Intrepid Travel, Travel HippiIntrepid Travel has a wide range of tour options, for individuals or groups, large or small. They offer real life experiences in a safe and informal manner, with local guides that will let you experience travelling, eating and sleeping the local way. Choose from theme-based tours or fixed destinations.

Travel Books

Online Resources


Super Star Blogging, Travel Hippi

The Business Of Travel Blogging program will help you avoid the rookie mistakes that cause most people to fail at travel blogging. It is comprehensive, will assist you to take consistent action and turn your blog into a profitable business that makes a difference.

Superstar Blogging, Travel Hippi

Superstar Blogging is a multifaceted school teaching you all aspects of running an online travel website. Whether you want to turn your hobby into something more or find a way to move your career forward ten steps, these courses will give you that insider’s depth of knowledge you need.

Mailerlite is the best advanced email marketing program. It’s easy to use and the functionality will enable you to communicate with your audience in a professional manner. Building your email database becomes a breeze. We love the simplicity, flexibility and competitive pricing structure.

Your data is one of the most important things you own and it’s important that you make sure that it’s backed up and stored securely. Sync is one of the only cloud based companies that offer end-to-end encryption that protects your confidential data in the cloud from unauthorized access at all times. They have a free plan offering 5GB of data so you can start right away.


Immigration Lawyers

Country: Panama


For assistance with visas, residency or immigration. If we introduce you, we will ensure you receive 5% discount on quoted fees for residency/immigration assistance, and $50 discount on corporation registration. So send us an email and we will do the rest.

Immigration Guidance

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