Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Time is money trap

How To Avoid The Time Is Money Trap

The ‘time is money’ myth is a baby boomer thing. Although coined centuries ago, it became fashionable after WWII, to the point of becoming an all-consuming demon, the subject...
Making a Money plan

Create A Money Mindset For Financial Independence

We are not born with a pre-determined mindset. Just like, we are not born a dentist or a fireman. A mindset is developed, and within that, we can create...
How does a retirement nest egg work

How Does A Retirement Nest Egg Work? The 5 Basic Elements

One of life’s questions that should be asked more often is “How does a retirement nest egg work?” Too many people assume it is a complicated topic, while it...
Retirement advice for adult children

A Dad’s Retirement Advice To His Daughters

While looking through my personal documents, I found a letter that I sent to my daughters. It is a Dad’s retirement advice. Candid, but written with love. I wrote...

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