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Panama diseases to avoid

Diseases That Expats Should Avoid In Panama

Moving to Panama’s tropical climate holds the promise of an endless summer. But, there are diseases that expats should avoid in Panama. This article explores the most common diseases...
Food in Panama: Panamanian Ceviche

Food In Panama – Eat Like An Expat Expert

Tourists often miss the culinary highlights in Panama, because of limited time or sometimes due to the language barrier. This article explores the food in Panama and guides you...
Is Panama safe?

The Burning Expat Question: Is Panama Safe?

Personal safety in Panama is highly subjective and hotly debated amongst expats. The answers whether Panama is safe are neither clear nor quantitative. This article will shed light from...
Pensionado Visa

Understanding The Panama Pensionado Visa Requirements

By far the most popular residency visa, Panama’s Pensionado Visa is a good deal. Geared for US retirees, it makes permanent residency easy. However, for the citizens of some...
Panama Flag

Get Your Panama Cédula With The Friendly Nations Visa

With good planning, an experienced lawyer and a sense of humour, you can get your Panama cédula without hassles. Learn about the Friendly Nations Visa and the process of obtaining residency in Panama.

What Are The Climate Choices In Panama?

For expats, the climate of their host country is important. For retirees, it is critical! This article will explore six areas to answer your question: What are the climate...

What Does It Cost To Live In Panama?

Thinking of living in Panama? Then you will certainly ask, “What does it cost to live in Panama?” We have developed a unique Panama budget calculator to assist with...
Panama Residency & The Perpetual Tourist

Visa Free Residency In Panama – The Perpetual Tourist

Recent changes in tourist visa regulations aim to limit visa-free residency in Panama. Officials are frowning upon the perpetual tourist and new regulations will make this practice more difficult....
San Blas island sands

San Blas Islands: Crown Jewels And Rough Diamonds

The splendour of the San Blas islands is on par with the best in the world, a true bucket list destination. The 365 islands are like crown jewels, although...
Casco Viejo Church

Casco Viejo: Best Half-Day Trip In Panama City

Many visitors to Panama spend only limited time in Panama City, before leaving for the islands or highlands. Casco Viejo is a convenient half-day trip packed with history and...
Panama City skyscrapers

My First 72 Hours In Panama City

Panama City is sold as the Miami of Central America, a tagline that is in the eye of the beholder. As a seasoned traveller I have learnt to manage...

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