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It covers the multiple challenges of adjusting to everyday life in a new country

Couple sorting out Immigration issues

Top 10 Issues To Manage During And After Immigration

The immigration decision triggers many challenges, and you have to manage the resulting effects carefully. We discuss the most common issues, as well as how to identify your personal...
Different culture experiences

Use Culture Shock To Improve Yourself

Culture shock is very real and most people will experience it after relocation or immigration. However, it’s not all bad news. This article explores five ways in which you...
Responsible traveller

Responsible Travel: The Uncluttered Version

Responsible travel is not the responsibility of the tourist only. All role players in the tourism industry must contribute towards responsible tourism. In my previous post, we discussed good global...
Good global citizenship

Good Global Citizenship

Good global citizenship is a prerequisite for responsible travelling. The concept is simple but immensely important because it enables an individual to contribute significantly towards a better world.   In a...
traveller versus tourist

Traveller VS Tourist (Yawn….)

The traveller versus tourist debate has been raging for years. What started as a tongue in cheek look at tourists and their shenanigans, soon became a serious discussion, and...
A typical push-pull effect

Our Migration: It’s A Push-Pull

Our decision to move abroad is not due to a single local factor. Instead, it is a complex mixture of local factors pushing us away, and foreign factors pulling...

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