Top 10 Been & Bucket Destinations

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The Top 10 in Travel Hippi's Been & Bucket poll:

Destinations where our readers have Been

#1    United Arab Emirates
#2    Italy
#3    United Kingdom
#4    Viet Nam
#5    Switzerland
#6    Malawi
#7    Canada
#8    United States Outlying Islands
#9    United States
#10 Germany

Destinations on our readers Bucket list

#1    Bahamas
#2    Jamaica
#3    Peru
#4    Bermuda
#5    Algeria
#6    Croatia
#7    Mexico
#8    Belize
#9    Cuba
#10 Namibia

Our list of destinations includes the following:

  • Sovereign states that are members of the UN as well as UN-recognized non-member states;
  • States not recognized by the UN but recognized by many UN members;
  • Territories de facto not independent, but recognized by many UN members as such;
  • Overseas territories, dependent territories, administrative regions and other similar areas;
  • Destinations that are part of the above but listed separately due to their popularity.

We are not trying to be "politically correct" but rather "travel inclusive" to offer a comprehensive list of destinations. So please don't email me about Taiwan or Zanzibar that's on the list... instead, just visit them and then decide if you want to vote for them!