Thursday, October 18, 2018

Yes, we do accept guest posts, but…

About this website

Travel Hippi was created at the time we sold everything, adopted a minimalist approach and begun the search for our paradise. It is a resource and inspirational site that will help others to Retire Early … Abroad.

The website includes a travel blog, which reflects our personal motto:

“We want to fill our lives with adventures, not things. We want to have stories to tell, not stuff to show”

About our audience

Our tagline should give you a good idea of our audience – people approaching midlife, around 45 years of age, and thinking of early retirement. It could well include a slightly younger audience, as young as 35 years of age, who desire to retire early.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have many readers aged 55+ who travel regularly.

In summary: a mature audience with a prudent financial approach, valuing experience and happiness more than possessions.

About our values

Travel Hippi is us, it reflects our personal values. So we will only accept material or advertising that we can connect with and believe in. We are picky.

We expect guest authors to contribute towards our blog communities, not just through blog content, but also through replies to comments. Anytime someone comments on a post you have written, we expect you to respond to that comment.

About our blogs

Canonical articles need to complement one of the following blogs or sections:

Retire Early
Retire Abroad

♦ Mexico
♦ Guatemala
♦ Panama
♦ Colombia
♦ Chile
♦ General – Responsible Travel, Eco-Tourism (especially as it relates to the countries above)

Submission and post guidelines

  1. We only accept original work;
  2. No press releases;
  3. We will only review drafts, not summaries or pitches;
  4. Posts must be submitted in a Word document;
  5. Images, including proper attribution, must be submitted in a separate folder (for reference, our blog is 700px wide);
  6. Posts must contain between 750 and 1 000 words of body text, and preferably include one relevant quote;
  7. Posts must include proper attribution of quotes, data and/or outside content;
  8. Posts should have a compelling heading and start with a good intro paragraph;
  9. Posts must be written from an objective viewpoint and convey valuable information (useful know-how, practical advice and/or actionable tips);
  10. Posts can contain a maximum of four hyperlinks, by way of anchor text, of which only one may link back to your website;
  11. Submissions must include a 50-word bio about you and/or your blog, with one hyperlink to the blog.

Important to know

  1. If we accept your submission, we will confirm by email within a week after receipt;
  2. If you receive no feedback within a week, assume that your submission didn’t make the cut;
  3. Once we confirm that your submission is accepted for use, the content becomes our property and you cannot republish your guest post to any platform;
  4. We have the right to edit any part of an accepted submission, update it in future, and include calls-to-action to Travel Hippi content;
  5. We have the right to determine whether any link will be no-followed.

Please email admin [at] travelhippi [dot] com with your post, and make sure to start the subject line with “fineprint”