Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Two Blogs, Lots of Info

Retire Early …

Retire early

We discuss retirement as both a life event and personal goal, offering different perspectives under the category About Retirement.

Retirement has everything to do with money, so Personal Finance has a prominent presence. This is not a hardcore investment blog, instead, it is a discussion about adjusting your lifestyle and thinking, in order to build wealth.

Minimalism is gaining popularity as a lifestyle and philosophy. We will shed light on this fascinating topic and explore how it can contribute to your financial freedom.

in Spanish America

Retire abroad

Why Abroad? will explore the options of retiring in Spanish America, together with the advantages of living in other countries and amongst other cultures.

The ups and downs, the dos and don’ts of adjusting to life in your host country will be covered in Expat Life.

Travel Stories are about interesting places and memorable experiences.

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